We have joined a large number of managed care plans in an effort to better serve you. Rules regarding referrals, laboratory testing, x-rays, hearing and vision screenings vary with each plan so some procedures available in the office may not be covered by your plan. Variations exist within each plan and we will attempt to keep abreast of these variations. It is your responsibility to inform us before each visit of any change in your insurance so that you do not incur uncovered expenses. In addition, it is more important than ever for you to understand your particular insurance plan and what it covers.  For example, for ages 3 and older, some insurance companies allow one check-up per the calendar year while others allow 1 checkup every 365 days.

Co-pays are payable at the time of service.

If you have an indemnity plan, you will receive a universally accepted insurance form that can be attached to your insurance form so you may submit for reimbursement. We do request payment at the time of each visit. As an incentive to do this, you will receive a discount for payment at the time of the visit.

We are aware that a child can and will get sick regardless of when the paycheck comes in; please never delay an ill visit for financial reasons. If there is a problem with payment at the time of the visit, please speak to the accounts manager to make other arrangements.

Insurances Accepted


AmeriHealth (except Value Plan)
Beech Street Corporation
Community Care Network (CCN)
Emblem Health (Qualcare network, not NY Plans)
Empire Blue Choice POS/PPO (except Pathway Enhanced or Pathway Network)
First Health
Health Payor’s Organization
Health Republic of NJ (Qualcare network)
Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NJ (except Medicaid)
Humana (Qualcare network)
OSCAR (Qualcare Network)
Oxford Health Plans, Freedom and Liberty
Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS)
Qualcare (except Atlantic Health System)
UnitedHealthcare (except the Medicaid Plan and NJ Health Insurance Marketplace Plan - Compass)

Services & Fees

Missed Appointment Fee

We kindly ask that a 24 hour cancellation notice be given if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment.  If notice is not given, a fee of $50.00 for physicals and $25.00 for flu shots will be charged. 

School, Camp and Athletic Form Fee

At each yearly physical, a complimentary physical form along with a immunization record is given to each patient.  Please make copies for your records.  There is a fee if additional copies are requested $5.00 for physical forms and $10.00 for immunization forms.

Record Release Fee

There is a record release fee for record releases.  New Jersey regulations state these fees cannot be greater than $1.00 per page or $100.00 for the entire record.  If the record is less than 10 pages, we may charge $10.00.  Please allow 30 days for this service.

We currently accept cash, checks, MasterCard and Visa. We would appreciate it if you do not charge bills under $20.00.

Again, please feel free to contact us at 201-342-4001 extension 125 if there are any questions you may have regarding billing.

Insurance & Billing